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New Skype Unlimited International Plans

I recently wrote about how I thought Skype should be sold to Google and in response I received a very well-worded response from Skype PR representative Chaim Haas. Here is an excerpt: [On] yesterday's eBay Q1 earnings call, where it...

Skype Trunking

VoSKY Technologies Enables Skype Trunking and More Many companies are using Skype in their business but generally speaking these are Skype islands which do not interconnect with the plethora of telephony equipment in the organization. For example the ACD...

China Skype News

The latest news on Skype in China is that Niklas Zennstrom is negotiating with China Telecom and China Netcom to allow SkypeOut services in China. This comes on the heels of the Tom Online joint venture the company inked. The...
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