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Will Silicon Valley go to War with China?

To protect the privacy of its users and data, will Google really pull out of the country? A major challenge for all companies doing business with china is how to you gain access to the huge market of over a...

The Browser is the Computer

Years ago Sun CEO Scott McNealy said the Network is the Computer - Google hopes he's right Apple can do no wrong - they never could. The company has always had zealous fans who considered Apple products to be like...

Cubans Can Now Use Cell Phones

Cuba is slowly opening up as evidenced by the government's decision to allow ordinary Cubans to have cellular telephones. Apparently Raul Castro is slowly opening up the country to new freedoms. Still, while this is a ray of light, most...

China Censors Skype

If you’re a Chinese web surfer using Skype you may notice that when you chat about certain things the person responding may not respond correctly. The reason? Not surprisingly China is filtering Skype user’s messages.The Financial Times reported that Skype...
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