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Legal News from TMCnet

 Please be sure to check out the new TMCnet legal news site whose goal is to provide you with timely news and analysis pertaining to the legal world. Our official press release on the new area explains how legal news...

Is There a Need for Telco 2.0?

Recently good friend and PR 2.0 guru Andy Abramson commented on which people would be the ideal heads of a Telco 2.0 companies. I thought the post was quite intriguing as it got me thinking about the various people I...

Join The RPX Patent Protection Club

I have a job where I get paid to listen to many smart people and then use the vast amount of information I amass in my neurons and put it to good use (well, after I have had some coffee...

East Texas: A Great Place To Get Sued

One lawyer thinks East Texas is a good place to be sued. If you are interested in knowing why Apple was just sued by a California man in East Texas, check out this article which explains how this particular...

The Liability of Social Networking

About a decade ago an attorney friend of mine told me that you should always delete emails that are one year old. He went on to explain from a lawsuit/discovery process, these e-mails could come back to haunt you. And...

NY to Tax Amazon Purchases

There is just something so mind-boggling about our nation's tax collection system. I was reading this MSNBC article about how New York State is looking to and likely will tax purchases and it goes on about how New Yorkers...
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