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Despite Outages, Verizon Has Record Quarter

Months back Verizon sent me a 4G personal hotspot to review and I confess it is one of the most important pieces of technology I have. For example just yesterday I was at a lunch meeting for an extended period...

Motorola Splits in Two

Motorola will split into a handheld device business and another one focusing on broadband and mobility. This decision was made under tremendous pressure from Carl Icaan. Is this a good move for the company? I think it is because Motorola...


Although my home may look very neat and organized, it is in fact a an absolute mess. I am not talking about the normal objects which create mess -- paper and clothes; I am talking about devices.   I have...

Razr Thin Laptop

Intel has built a laptop just one quarter of an inch thicker than a Motorola Razr. In addition it is loaded with high-end features, state of the art wireless connectivity and other bells, whistles and microphone arrays. The laptop looks...

Motorola RAZR V3i

Paris Hilton to get a new gold RAZR V3i phone?The new Motorola RAZR is out and it's gold. I mean really it is gold. This is what Tom Keating has to say about the new and extra shiny phone....
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