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Irony is

Irony is explaining to your daughter that you can accomplish anything in the world you set your mind to one evening and spending 45 minutes trying and ultimately failing to get out of your snow-covered driveway the very next morning....

I am not Driving

Since I am not driving I get a chance to catch up on e-mail and blog a bit. I have a few unfinished articles I may get to finish on this trip. Apparently McDonalds on I95 has a brand new...

Travel Travel Everywhere

Today I head up to northern New England. The big debate is whether to take my car which has no snow tires. I am in the mood to drive at this point and am hardly very around to drive my...

Colorado is Freezing

OK, I seem to have chosen the coldest time of the year to come to Colorado. I have been here for a few days. When I arrived there were hurricane force winds of up to 95 miles per hour. A...
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