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As both a ShoreTel Certified VoIP Engineer and a CISCO CCVP I  have been working exclusively in VoIP since 1998.   For this reason,  one of the questions that is most asked of me is which is a better solution: ShoreTel and CISCO? CISCO vs ShoreTel.  Since I have the sales skills of Attila the Hun, I assume that the question is being asked because someone is truly interested in understanding the architecture of the two systems.   At the end of the day  most people just want to pick up the handset, hear that warm reassuring sound of the dial tone, press some digits and talk to their target!  How that all happens is generally of little interest to the average user.   So why else would you ask that question unless you were generally interested in understanding the two systems and how they compare when resolving traditional telephony applications.  I thought it might be useful to drill down on the two solutions in a few key areas toward the goal of understanding how they both work.

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Compare ShoreTel vs Cisco

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