Send SMS/MMS to your AWS Connect Call Center !

Need to be able to route SMS and MMS to your AWS Connect Call Center? The Dextr Dashboard now enables incoming TEXT messages to be sent to the next available AWS Connect agent. Messages can be TEXT (SMS) or PICTURES (MMS)! The classic use case is sales returns, insurance and technical support applications in which sending a picture is worth more than 1000 words! Dextr also enables “sticky SMS” which assures that an “in progress” text message exchange stays with the agent that originally handled the text request. If a message is assigned to an agent who is not currently logged in to AWS Connect, the entire text conversation is moved to the next available agent! All messages are archived and can be searched and retrieved by key parameters like CID or Date ranges. SMS/MMs is a “’skill” or permission that is assigned by the administrator to an Agent to enable this functionality and to create a TEXT based queue. This functionality is embedded in the Dextr Dashboard and does not require any third party player! Visit for an over view of other Dextr.Cloud features! or !

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