ShoreTel Voice Forms! Have your system do interviews?

One of the most requested applications we are asked about ShoreTel, is the possibility of doing "interviews" and "Surveys".  The fact is, that it is very possible to do this on a ShoreTel.  You do not need the Enterprise Contact Center either, we can create this solution on the basic ShoreTel iPBX. Our engineers are well equipped ShoreTel Support.

In this application, the caller dials an extension or DID that terminates in a VXML type application.   They are greeted with a custom prompt and then asked a number of questions.  The answer to each question, punctuated by the # key, is recorded into a voice mail box.   As a voice mail message, it can be accessed by an authorized user or sent as an email attachment.  The application can include a simple automated attendant menu that allows the caller to modify the content or transfer to a live operator.

When the message is played back, each answer is separated by a recorded BEEP!  This is an very useful "self service" application for collecting customer service details like delivery information, technical support issues and we have even seen and heard of a drug store proscription refill application.  The use is limited only by imagination!

As noted, you do not need a Enterprise Call Center for this to work.   Configuration is relatively straight forward and custom prompts make for a very friendly user interface.   Visit the DrVoIP site for details on a demo and ShoreTel Training!

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