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VZ R&D is Court

July 15, 2008

Over the past 9 years that I have been in telecom, Verizon has probably been in court at least once a month either suing the FCC over some rule or part of the Telecom Act or being sued for anti-trust. VZ has also sued for patent infringement. It has been sued often for billing disputes, since the ILECs make billing a profit center. And numerous states have taken VZ to task for awful customer service.

NebuAd under Deep Inspection

July 2, 2008

First there was wiretaps at the telco central offices. Then there was Sandvine and DPI (deep packet inspection) to help curb Peer-to-peer file-sharing (BitTorrent) that was consuming all available bandwidth with piracy (according to the puppet masters at the MPAA and RIAA). Now there is NebuAd, where DPI meets targeted advertising. And Privacy is just a thing of the past.

Flat Markets

July 2, 2008

All the telecom markets are flat: landline, cellular, broadband, TV, and long distance minutes. This makes it incredible hard to grow and remain profitable. Price comes into play more often (ask the guys that sell LD minutes). What one company loses another gains and around and around we go.

Ma Bell Doesn't Care

June 30, 2008

AT&T's billing page contained an image that has got people up in arms (see Om, Alex, and Boing). At a time when it is trying to get retro immunity for warrant-less wiretapping (which is obviously illegal or they wouldn't be fighting for the immunity), someone at Ma Bell decided to have fun with it via this screenshot from the billing page.

As Alex at writes, "The page has photo of a woman with a laptop and the tag line "Ms. Suspicious Has Nothing To Hide".... So stop worring about the Constitution, you.

Helio sold to Virgin

June 27, 2008

the last of the MVNO players folds its cards. Helio was sold to Virgin Mobile for $39M - in equity! SK Telecom and EarthLink spent over $275M to build this loser and gain a whopping 170K users. This number is amazing because I thought they were at 300K.

VZ-NJ vs. TeleTruth

June 27, 2008

Bruce Kushnick has been fighting Verizon in the Northeast for years through is TeleTruth organization. Here is the latest:

Verizon, New Jersey has filed to increase various costs of local phone service. The New Jersey Board of Utilities (BPU) should not accept Verizon's proposal to raise local rates.

DSL Anti-Trust

June 23, 2008

Supreme Court [finally] To Investigate If AT&T Is Violating Antitrust Laws With Wholesale DSL Pricing

TechDirt writes about the Supreme Court deciding to accept the Appeal of PacWest (now called AT&T) in its anti-trust battle with an ISP named LinkLine.

"A series of lawsuits followed, including an appeals court ruling that found that AT&T was abusing monopoly rights to offer prices that were simply out of line with market pricing -- making it effectively impossible for any other provider to compete. AT&T has appealed and now the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case.

FISA Compromise Bill

June 23, 2008

Wow! FCC Sides Against Verizon

June 23, 2008

In an epic decision today, the FCC sided with cable (Bright House) against Verizon in the battle over CPNI and customers

In this Memorandum Opinion and Order, we reject the Enforcement Bureau's April 11, 2008, Recommended Decision in this Accelerated Docket proceeding, and grant in part a formal complaint filed against Defendants (collectively, "Verizon") pursuant to section 208 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended ("Act"). For the reasons explained below, we conclude that Verizon is violating section 222(b) of the Act by using, for customer retention marketing purposes, proprietary information (CPNI) of other carriers that it receives in the local number porting process, and we order Verizon immediately to cease and desist from such unlawful conduct.

In other words, when VZ gets an order to port a number to a CLEC or a cable company, they cannot market to that person while delaying the porting process. CPNI has been a huge issue for this Commission lately. I'm shocked that Martin stuck to his CPNI guns, instead of allowing VZ to torpedo MSO customer acquisition efforts.

International Minutes

June 22, 2008

In the latest issue of Capacity magazine, there are a number of articles about the International long distance market. It seems Skype has swiped 14 Billion minutes of international from the carriers. Just so you know how big of a slice that is: TI Sparkle does 17B; TATA does 21B; and IDT and iBasis did 24B each. It didn't take long for Skype to catch the carriers either.

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