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Where's the growth?

September 28, 2008

"Global Wireless Penetration to Hit 80% in 2013, Says Portio Research" [via teleclick]  If all the growth will be in Africa, China, and India, what does that mean for European and US carriers? Cellular penetration is now more than 50%.

Looking at the ARPU stat: "Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) declines to $15.80 in 2013, down from $23.20 in 2005." With debt piling up from building out 3G and now 4G networks, how do you pay it back with declining ARPU? As more folks use the network (and use more of it), upgrades are needed to meet capacity demand, including in tower backhaul. Not to mention that the cellular folks have to pay inter-carrier comp for dropping traffic on the ILEC networks.

Best Kept Sprint Secret

September 23, 2008

Here's something to do: surf over to and try to find any wireline services. After 5 minutes of searching Business Services, navigation takes you to for Sprint's MPLS offering. On that page, you can find info about MPLS, VPN, IP Convergence, and Internet Access. Yesterday, Sprint gave a presentation to re-affirm to agents that Sprint was still in the wireline game.

FCC Grants Reporting Forbearance

September 10, 2008

SERVICE QUALITY, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, INFRASTRUCTURE AND OPERATING DATA GATHERING. Granted forbearance from legacy reporting and accounting requirements. Seeks comment on industry - wide reporting. (Dkt No. 07-21, 07-139 , 07-204).

Metaswitch not a Coppercom

August 20, 2008

Who's Winning Consumer VOIP Battle?

August 20, 2008

When you look at the numbers, the companies winning the consumer VOIP battle appear to be the cable operators. Ike Elliott has a post about Over-the-top VoIP Providers dying in the residential space. Vonage is spending $65M per quarter to maintain its subscriber numbers at 2.6M. It's churn is barely being replaced by new customers.

Just SIP It

August 20, 2008

That was the slogan that AireSpring was using at the Channel Partner show in Boston - "Just SIP it!" The problem, as I see it is, is that 85-90% of the Agents have any idea what SIP is.

I sat through the VOIP/SIP BootCamp that FreedomVoice sponsored. People just can't wrap their head around VoIP and SIP.

I sat through the Covad presentation on their Integrated Access product, which i sreally SIP Trunks with call paths.

VOIP Company Numbers

August 18, 2008

I often quote that there are over 1000 VoIP Providers, including every Tom, Dick and Harry with an Asterisk box. Invariably, I get asked about consolidation. Well, cable has taken the lion's share of VoIP. Far and away the MSO's have become the giants in the VOIP world.

Payroll by Ma Bell

August 13, 2008

Will Sprint Sell Nextel?

August 11, 2008

According to an article on Y! news, Sprint may be trying to sell Nextel, but not without hurdles. "Sprint faces pressure from the FCC to relinquish a key chunk of iDen wireless airwaves for emergency communications networks." To me that means, spin it off as a public-private safety network.

Although analysts suggest that Motorola has left the iDen technology behind, NII uses the iDen network in Latin America.

Telco TV

August 6, 2008

Gary Kim and IP Business have a couple of decent articles on Telco TV. (They call it IPTV, which by strict definition it is not for most telcos. FiOS uses RF just like cable). the first article frames the debate: Should Telcos Have Gotten into IPTV?

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