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Is it Too Late to Get Into the Smart Home Market?

Nest is doing a number on HVAC companies the way the iPod and iPhone did to music players and phones. Yet, as...

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2018 (Likely Wrong) Predictions

Last year, I refrained from making any telecom predictions.   And no one complained.  And this year I was content to continue down...

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20 Years Later, Dialpad Disrupts Communications Again

History was made this week As Dialpad launched a free version of their UCaaS platform for up to five users. This amounts...

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MegaPath Leverages Years of Experience to Lead in SD-WAN

MegaPath is in a unique position in the SD-WAN space as they were on the leading edge of the MPLS curve...

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Value Added Services In IoT

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to speak at TechXLR8 Asia in Singapore.  It was a dynamic conference covering...

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TELoIP Brings SD-WAN to Companies of All Sizes

The market predictions for SD-WAN growth show a hockey-stick. What is most interesting about this growth is it’s literally across the spectrum...

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SD-WAN is Booming and Airespring is Providing its Customers Innovative Solutions

SD-WAN is eating the WAN, cloud and IP communications all at once. We’ve all seen the amazing projections of market growth but...

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Into SIP? then join up!

November 8, 2008

At The SIP School we run a SIP Wiki that is completely open to edit, upload company details, advertise SIP products and services and contribute to the discussion groups - whatever you want to do.  It's growing and it's going to get really big as more people join.

Now the main point of this post is to tell you that if you join (which is completely free by the way) then you get entered into a draw to win an iPod Shuffle - it takes a minute to do this.  If you have something to contribute like posting an article, advert or even responding to another post then you are automatically added to the draw to win an iPod nano....  That's it!

Why are we doing this?  Well, we want to say thanks to people who are joining and contributing and therefore making this SIP Wiki grow to it's full potential.

So, go for it, click here to go to the Wiki - T&Cs are on the site.

Why the SSCA™

November 5, 2008

SIP is a protocol that is affecting everyone involved in the communications industry and it's vital that these people need to understand it at some level. With all the information available on the Internet it can get a little confusing on what to read and buy in order to get up to speed and this is where The SIP School solves the problem.

It's one place that Sales, Marketing, Pre-Sales, Installation and Support professionals can go to in order to learn all they need to about SIP using a fully animated, flash based eLearning system that not only covers the theory on SIP but actually 'engages' the learner and encourages them to use SIP based products available on the Internet for free so that they can actually 'try things for themselves'. 

We know that theory is important yet in the real world it's critical that people who will be involved in SIP Network design, Installations and Support have relevent experience with the protocol before working with customers.

In order to prove that they have the knowledge to work with SIP, The SIP School has the certification program called the SSCA™ (SIP School Certified Associate) that allows people to take a test and get qualified. 

Of course a qualification is only as good as people who recognise it and this is where the SSCA™ really proves it worth as it is not only being used by companies such as... MotorolaBell CanadaInter-TelChevronAllstreamBritish telecomCable and Wireless etc.

It is endorsed by industry giants such a MitelPanasonic EuropesnomIngateFast Lane with many more 'lining up' to make it the only SIP training program and certification that they will recognize - which means that there really is just one place you need to go for SIP Training, The SIP School

Android and SIP

September 25, 2008

Sightspeed on Linux

September 18, 2008

SIP Flanker

September 5, 2008

Free SIP Training

August 21, 2008

D-Link GVC-3000 SIP based Videophone

August 20, 2008

This is a great device from D-Link but it's only available in India at the moment.  It brings Video conferencing to the masses and use sonly a maximum 128Kb/s which is just great and also further establishes SIP as the protocol of choice for IP telephony across the net.  I really want to get my hands on this one to test it out across some of the SIP ITSPs we use here at The SIP School and maybe hook it up to something like a Mitel 3300 to see how it plays with other SIP phones.

It seems to support all the required stuff you need in a Voip phone - spec sheet here and now I guess I'll just have to sit back and wait for them to come on general release.


August 15, 2008


August 14, 2008

Ok, I doubt it but after hearing about Nortel aquiring Pingtel it makes you think.  But anyway, what are Nortel up to?  The press release says that have aquired Pingtel for their 'key assets' to improve their Unified comms offering though from what I've seen it's pretty good anyway with it's integration with Microsofts OCS product - details here.  Oh, I see it now, it's for making the SMB solution more UC capable - this is their SCS500 product which is again a pretty good product but maybe the aquisition of Pingtel will help them move things along quicker than trying to go it alone in-house.  I suppose it makes sense in this world where many players are at last rolling out good UC products ... Still, we think it's all good as the SCS500 and Pingtels (sorry Nortels) SIPxchange is based on SIP, though being a Linux platform product let's see how the integration / development goes and only time and new products will tell if this aquisition will be a success.

SIP/SIMPLE v XMPP debate rumbles on

August 8, 2008

So you are looking for a winner of the Instant Messaging protocol debate are you?  Well, keep looking and maybe it will become clear over the coming years because XMPP has just gained another supporter, Yahoo. See this article on CNET.  We think this is good for interoperability between other XMPP based services as no translation services would be needed - so Google Talk (also based on XMPP) should 'in theory' interoprate with whatever Yahoo! do.  So far so good.

But what about SIP/SIMPLE?  Well the IMPP working group came up with a Spec/Set of rules/whatever you want to call it (the CPP actually) that defines how IM protocols should map to each other so that 'islands' of IM systems don't have to stay as islands and SIP/SIMPLE / XMPP systems can interoperate - just see what Jabber are up to to clarify this.

So is SIP/SIMPLE doomed because Yahoo and Google may end up on each others buddy list?  Well no, due to the fact that every Telecoms manufacturer I can think of (Mitel, Siemens, Nortel, Panasonic, Avaya etc. etc.) all use this protocol in their Unified Comms/Messaging products and are unlikely to switch.

So for now, no winners just two big players who should play nicely together (Hopefully).

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