Alcatel-Lucent Motive Customer Experience Solutions Win Two Industry Awards

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Alcatel-Lucent Motive Customer Experience Solutions Win Two Industry Awards

By Peter Bernstein, TMCnet Senior Editor

For those who follow the mobile industry closely, you know that mobile service providers (MSPs) are constantly on the watch for tools that will enable them to gain a competitive edge.  You are also aware from TMCnet’s coverage of the space mobile device management (MDM) is increasingly be viewed as an invaluable tool for MSPs to get better visibility into what is going on end-to-end with their customers enabling them to provide an enhanced, simpler and more customized customer experience as well as facilitate the roll out of LTE services. 

One such capability that increasingly is gaining traction with MSPs around the world is Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive portfolio of Customer Experience Solutions. And, the efforts of the Motive team have not gone unnoticed.  In fact, Alcatel-Lucent was recently honored with two industry awards in recognition of the work being done to help service providers forge stronger and more valuable customer relationships:

  • On September 9, Alcatel-Lucent was presented with the Frost & Sullivan 2013 Global Customer Experience Management Product Leadership Award for its Motive portfolio.  To access the complete F&S report you are invited to join the Motive Customer Community, and to enjoy the additional benefits the community has to offer.
  • In June, Alcatel-Lucent was the recipient of the Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA) Best-in-Class marketing award for the Motive portfolio of customer experience solutions (CXS).

The Frost & Sullivan Award

The Growth, Innovation & Leadership Awards are presented each year to companies that are “predicted to encourage significant growth in their industries, have identified emerging trends before they became the standard in the marketplace, and have created advanced technologies that will catalyze and transform industries in the near future.”

According to the detailed report, which was prepared by F&S analyst Jeff Cotrupe, Alcatel-Lucent won the award because:

“Alcatel-Lucent’s investment in acquiring Motive has paid off by enabling Alcatel-Lucent to provide the most comprehensive CEM suite in the industry … Alcatel-Lucent has always been strong in networking and operations support systems (OSS), and it has also offered business support systems (BSS), but the company recognized the advantages of a dedicated approach to CEM, as embodied by Motive, and it has now melded Motive and Alcatel-Lucent technologies into the leading CEM offering.”

The report goes on to say that “An operator needing a CEM solution can turn to Alcatel-Lucent and know that its CEM bases are covered under one roof”.

Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA) award

The BMMA is a nonprofit organization formed to enhance the business prospects of vendors and service providers in the telco broadband services industry. Member companies include AT&T, BellCanada, CenturyLink, Cincinnati Bell, Frontier Communications, Hawaiian Telcom, MTS Allstream, SaskTel, TDS Telecom, TELUS and Windstream.

“Each year, the BMMA recognizes teams and companies that demonstrate innovation or excellence in marketing broadband services,’’ said Ellis Hill, President of ResearchFirst, Inc., the BMMA’s operational firm. “This year’s awards went to two service providers and two vendor companies that best displayed excellence or innovation in broadband product marketing theory, practice or operations.”

In announcing the award, the Motive portfolio of Customer Experience Solutions was recognized because it “addresses the diverse needs of service providers with a comprehensive approach to customer experience transformation.”

As noted above, this is not just about earning industry recognition, it is also about success in the market.  Motive is already deployed in the networks of 180 customers, with recent wins with Telefónica Argentina, BT, Belgacom and Verizon Wireless.

The fact of the matter is that consumers want more information about their mobile services, and MSPs want more visibility into their networks so they can be not just reactive but proactive in terms of providing a customer experience that engenders trust and loyalty.  Indeed, it has become increasingly clear that improved customer experiences are core to creating differentiated value in a world where discerning customers have access to all of their pricing options. 

Studies have consistently shown in fact that in terms of service provider selection the experience really does matter, and Motive is busy helping MSPs up their game to remain viable as competition heats up including from OTTs. 

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