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More and more video is moving to the web. Besides YouTube and all the wannabe's, porn, TV shows, movie downloads, and more. I'm sure you have seen the flash movie ads on sites like The average web page used to be under 100K, now it is over 1MB. Mainly because so many sites monetize with tons of multimedia ads. I don't want to get on a rant here, but these pages can't be seen using Firefox with extensions -- and certainly don't work well on Mobile, which means you are missing the demographic you are making ads for. Duh!

Anyway, back to uses for video. Adding video to websites is the next phase of "cool web". It was the flash movie intro. Now it will be the video speaking intro. Sitepal will make you an avatar to use to customize the look and feel of your introduction.

But GoYoDeo recently introduced a unique video application that enables people and businesses to personalize who they are and what they are about throughout the social web. People can create videos that are superimpose over their profiles, blogs or web sites and deliver short or long messages then fade away. It's just one more example of self-expression.

And yet video email has not taken off yet. It's puzzling. Even with MLM from Talk Fusion pushing video email, I still don't see it in my inbox. Sightspeed and Tokbox both offer video email and video conferencing for free. Some video catched on (like on MySpace and YouTube) and some doesn't (like in email).

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