Thinking about VoIP for the show

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Thinking about VoIP for the show

To be a speaker at the IT Expo, there is a lot of paperwork. And I have procrastinated so that I now have to scramble to meet tomorrow's deadline. I will share with you some of the questionaire:

What has been your company's biggest achievement in 2008 so far?

Getting my book finished.

What can we expect to see for from your company for the next 12 months?

I will be helping many service providers fine tune their message, train their staff, and help them sell more services.

How do you see the communications market evolving?

I see VOIP being sold as an Overlay rather than as a "Cheaper Alternative to POTS"

What company made the biggest contribution to communications this year?

No idea. It all looks the same to me.

How has Google changed our markets?

Everybody thinks free is possible - moreso than before, which is annoying! They made SAAS more acceptable.

How about Apple?

That damn iPhone.

What mobile phone(s) do you use?

A brick from Sprint (PPC6700)

Who will win in an Apple/RIM war?

Blackberry. Not everyone likes ATT. Not everyone wants an Apple. And between Apple and ATT, something will mess up that turns folks off. RIM already had their mess up during the patent battle. The first one with a hook to Broadsoft's Broadworks will win.

What do you think the communications market might look like in five years?

I can't see that far in advance. The pace that change gets adopted is logarithmic. I think we should all have video phones now! And UC should just be how it is.

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