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FreedomVoice unvieled Newber at CTIA. It is the beta version of the first location-aware business number. Newber Beta is an application that resides in the iPhone as a fully functional second line and uses positioning technology to locate and seamlessly transfer calls to nearby landlines, even during an in-progress call.

Newber Beta delivers an independent number that can be assigned to any phone, sparing the caller the task of dialing multiple numbers for mobile, home, work, etc. Newber Beta also allows a person to take business calls on their private phone without giving out personal information.

A highly anticipated capability of the commercial release is "Contact Finder". A Newber user will be able to simply tap a name on the contact list and all of that contact's 'numbers will be automatically dialed in sequence. Manually dialing one 'number after another will be a thing of the past.

"Plans are in the works to introduce Newber for other mobile smart phones," said Eric Thomas, CEO of FreedomVoice. "Newber is making business calls simple again."


"The Newber application adds a second business line to your iPhone that enables you to redirect incoming calls to any phone using built-in GPS technology. Simply key in a landline phone number at your location, then toggle between taking your business calls on that phone or your iPhone. Newber will automatically detect this phone each time you return to that location, allowing you to change phones with one touch. You can even swap phones in the middle of a live call without interrupting the conversation." [from the Newber website]

IntoMobile has the above video with a good description as well as a demo of Newber. Newber's functionality is similar to the Broadsoft Anywhere application.

Disclosure: FreedomeVoice is a consulting client of mine. Congrats! to Eric & Company.  And only yesterday I was complaining about all the iPhone news.

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