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Conferencing is growing and there are so many players in the field. Not much differentiation that I can see. But Gaboogie has at least one differentiator: It calls the participants!

Another differentiator is Dimdim, which states that "When they wanted to share what was on their computer screens they discovered that existing web conferencing products were all either too expensive or too complicated (or both)." Dimdim is free for up to 20 attendees.

I use and pay for the recording ability. I handed 2 calls off to my podcast folks and it turns out that the call quality was too low. Not good because you can't re-do a call.  Skype is good for one to one call recording (or podcasting) but I don't have an inexpensive fix for this. Do you?

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Feedback for Gaboogie


I use Gaboogie (called Lypp now the service you mentioned to record my conference calls/podcasts. The quality of the MP3s is great. In addition one time I had one of my callers call in on cell phone with poor reception and I was able to get the raw sound file through their customer support to help salvage the podcast.

Thanks for mentioning Dimdim. We do offer free web conferencing (up to 20 attendees), with recording capability included. The recording only includes the audio done through the session, so unless you can switch to doing the audio through your computer I can't think of an inexpensive call recording option right now.

I'm sure there's one out there.

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