A Day of Collaboration

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A Day of Collaboration

Tech Data and Fonality Inked a distro deal.The bloggers like VAR Guy made it sound like Tech Data was going into managed services under the whole UC umbrella. It's just one more set of SKU's for Tech Data's IP PBX category.

New Edge Networks announced Voice Connect as an extension of its MPLS service to deliver VoIP to end offices with QOS. "Voice Connect services include Hosted IP PBX, SIP Trunking and enterprise class features, with a variety of service options for locations requiring only a few voice lines to supporting the needs of large corporations."

Grandstream's GXE502X IP PBX and AireSpring's SIP Trunking Services Achieve Interoperability. Inter-Op is key because SIP Trunk is a spec not a standard. SIP trunks can be delivered various ways unlike a PRI which basically has 2 configurations available off a class 5 TDM switch.Note how specific the model number is for Grandstream. I feel sorry for the office with GXE502 or GXE501X.

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