Paetec Owns Some Wireless

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Paetec Owns Some Wireless

Telecom Ramblings pointed out that Paetec owns a fixed wireless operations. According to the Paetec 2Q08 earnings transcript:
"we acquired MPX Wireless towards the end of 2007. They were a Rochester based company that we had done several private projects with for alternative last mile wireless access. And, one of the things that we have initiated here is a network grooming project, where we are looking at multi- tenant facilities where we have multiple PAETEC customers that have multiple T1s, where we could go in on a cost effective basis. We can provide a wireless last mile alternative to provide our customers with business continuity, disaster recovery and lower cost access into PAETEC. And that's something that we have identified several buildings we will be looking to complete in 2007 as kind of our first beta trial. And if we are able to upsell into those buildings, I think you will see us use that as a more aggressive strategy in 2009."  [from 2Q08 transcript on Seeking Alpha]
Now Paetec is going to expand that service so that they can continue to offer a wireline/wireless business continuity package.

PAETEC's Fixed Wireless uses carrier-grade microwave equipment and consultative engineering to build reliable 'last-mile' access loops between a customer network and a local PAETEC point of presence. Wireless local loops can be provisioned at DS-3, OC-3, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet speeds, and support the complete range of voice and IP services in the PAETEC portfolio. ....The Fixed Wireless Transport solution plays an important role in PAETEC's robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity suite of services. By provisioning a wireless local loop, PAETEC can offer a customer complete physical infrastructure diversity within a market including termination to an alternate PAETEC Central Office. [Yahoo]

Paetec might be thinking about expanding fixed wireless because the government is giving away funds for rural broadband solutions.

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