Where's ACC Business Going?

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Where's ACC Business Going?

ACC Business is a subsidiary of AT&T. It uses the AT&T network to provide voice, data and Internet services to small and medium business via agents only. ACC Biz does not have a direct sales force. Tech support and billing through ACC Biz is actually more customer friendly than using AT&T. And ACC Biz is MUCH easier to deal with.

When ACC Biz lost Ben Ho as National Sales Director last year, I started to ask what's up. AT&T has a love-hate relationship with their channel. They love you when you fall in line and sell what they tell you to and hate you when you don't. (You can guess where I sit, right?)

So watching the internal moves being made at both the parent company and the step child, my prediction is that ACC Business gets swallowed whole in 2 years.

The product line at ACC Biz hasn't changed much. They are just now getting Ethernet offerings. No VoIP or SIP Trunking, which has been a big hit to SMB. Add in the personel changes, like Dan Morford and Ben Ho, and you have to wonder, what the future holds.

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