Hosted VoIP Can Save You Money

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Hosted VoIP Can Save You Money

If you Google VoIP save money, there are a million hits. There is the article, "How to Save Money with VoIP Service" with 5 lame tips. VoIP News has one titled, "15 Ways to Use VoIP to Save Money During the Downturn", that lists ways to use different vendors for differing free services based on VoIP. VoIP News has another one which asks, "Will VoIP Really Save You Money?" The answer of course is yes.

Where does VoIP save you the most? Inter-office dialing, In-State calls which cost more than inter-state calls, and international dialing. But the key for Hosted PBX isn't about cost savings. It's about business productivity and efficiency.  It's about Business Continuity.

In a new article by FreedomVOICE, "9 Ways to Slash Phone Costs and Increase Productivity", the push is to a distributed workforce via tele-commuting, tele-work, or virtual office space. And that doesn't mean permanently. What if the receptionist has a sick kid? If you had a Hosted PBX set-up, in many cases, she could still work from home and the office does not experience a disruption. That's a productivity gain. Isn't that better than saving money?

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