VOIP Patent Settlements

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VOIP Patent Settlements

We haven't heard a lot about VoIP patent litigation since Vonage took it in the pants when everyone and their momma sued them for patent infridgement. VoIP Inc. was supposed to license their patents, but those guys are running from the law.

Paetec settled its patent suit with Sprint by licensing the infringed patents. Terms were not disclosed in the SEC filing. Sprint, with over 100 VOIP patents, sued NuVox, Broadvox, Big River and Paetec in January of 2008.

And Covad settled with VoxPath Networks Inc. over a VOIP patent dispute, according to Law360.com. It would seem to both Rob @ TelecomRamblings and me that everyone is infringing on someone's patent AND the USPTO approved WAY too many patents for this technology. Sprint owns over 100 but so does Verizon and Level3.

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