Dangling Phone Numbers

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Dangling Phone Numbers

I have a problem with a dangling phone number - my home phone. It's the number that my parents, in-laws, friends, doctors, bank, etc. has - plus all those tele-marketers. My wife and I each have a cell phone, so what do we do with that home phone number?

RCF (remote call forwarding) from Verizon is about $40. A home phone line with fees is $58 with Bright House cable and $63 (+LD) with Verizon. I want to port it to a Google Voice kind of system. (Only Google doesn't port numbers - yet). 

GotVmail (now Grasshopper) used to have something like it. I guess if I don't plug in an ATA, I would still get the web portal and call forwarding features from any ITSP.  

This came in from Peter Shankman's HARO:

So you have a phone number you love. But you can't move it when you move, can't hang onto it if you want to change a cell phone, blah, blah, blah. Thanks to HARO Family Member Number Garage, you can!  NumberGarage.com services were created to solve a unique telephony problem: local number portability. Small businesses pay a ton for a Remote Call Forward (RCF), and NumberGarage has an affordable solution compared to those fees charged by traditional landline operators. Some people are actually foregoing their landline and adopting their cell phone as their primary telephone. NumberGarage
helps those who are "cutting the line" as a way to transition to one phone by having all calls to their old telephone number forwarded to their cell phone. NumberGarage makes it possible to capture ALL callers for a fraction of the cost. Landline operators won't forward your home line to your cell line without costly service charges. NumberGarage gives you an easy and economical
solution. Check them out! http://numbergarage.com - On Twitter at

I have to wonder why more ITSP's don't see the need for RCF-like options, more Voicemail box options, Virtual-NXX numbers (so I have local numbers everywhere), and other Google Voice kind of features. 

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Toll-free numbers may be the reason why no one wants their number in every area code. It's just seems simpler to manage on the providers end. Google still can't get numbers in the 212 area code for it's Google Voice service. Also QuantumVoice offers unlimited toll-free voip service number for 60$/month (40$/month residential), so the barriers to entry on toll-free numbers are definitely falling. There's more toll-free voip providers on on the voip info site

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