Intelliverse Reverses Course

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Intelliverse Reverses Course

In November, I noted that Intelliverse was shifting focus. They are actually reversing course. Intelliverse was formerly Voicecom, a voicemail platform company. It made its money from MLM type companies, like Mary Kay, who had many franchisees who needed a voicemail type account. So it looks like another Hosted PBX vendor leaves the field. (Only 1000+ more to go :)

My understanding is that the channel managers have been let go, which makes me wonder what happens to the agents.

Despite a partnership of sorts with EarthLink's New Edge Networks to provide transport, the company didn't get enough traction in the Hosted PBX space. It's a common song: NGT changed tactics a number of times and so have many other VoIP companies. The challenge is sales. How do you scales sales in an ocean of me-too companies? It's the same issue that led to GM's demise.

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It is true that Intelliverse no longer provides Hosted PBX VoIP services. The main issue we had was that we couldn't find a way to provide a quality, reliable service at the price point that was being demanded by the marketplace. Faced with the choice of providing competitively priced services that did not live up to the standards to which we hold our other services or providing quality services at prices that would not attract any customers, we decided to discontinue the service.

We notifed our Agents 3 months in advance so that they could find another provider to which to move their accounts. For those end users that were still active on the service after this time, we worked with them directly to help find them a suitable replacement service.

In 2009, Intelliverse put a new IP based production platform into production- ION (Intelliverse Open Network.) We've spent 2010 moving all of our voice message and IVR users to this platform. Although we do not have plans to sell phone service again, we are leveraging the power of IP telephony to provide exciting new features on ION.

So, although we aren't selling VoIP- we are still benefiting from the technology. I think utilizing IP Telephony rather than selling VoIP has become the main advantage of this technology for providers like us.

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