Things are Round and Round

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Things are Round and Round

As one door closes, right? Well, WISPA is putting together a deal with DirecTV so that it's mainly residential wireless ISP base can grab some cash switching people from cable TV and Internet to fixed wireless internet access and satellite TV - kind of a cut the cable promotion. 

It used to be that independent ISP's had to worry mainly about the ILEC, but in the residential (consumer) market, the worry is cable - Comcast, Cox, TWC, BrightHouse, CableVision and Charter.

The funny thing is that some of the MSO's are collapsing their wholesale division. Just like the ILEC's, the MSO's don't really want someone else to own the customer. So even as Charter opens up its wholesale cable modem program to FISPA members, I have to wonder how long it will be in existence.

Channel Partners Expo in Boston in 2008 when the cable guys were all lined up on a panel handing out crumbs of info about their newly developed channel program, all anyone wanted to know was how much commission and would there be an added spiff. What the agents in attendance did not hear was how this was just a test. Spin ahead 2 years to see that the cable guys are in fact cancelling contracts and consolidating with a few master agents. 

First the ILEC's get you. Then the MSO's get you. Telecom is all about short term gains and not understanding that "Partner" means for now. You aren't Mr. Right, you are Mr. Right Now. What can you do for me now?

It's worse than dating, except that less chance of catching an STD in telecom. But it may sink your company when you bet on commissions that don't get paid because of a change in program.

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