When the Cable Giants Wake

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When the Cable Giants Wake

The MSO's will be coming strong into Hosted UC next year. Four of the top 5 MSO's will be rolling out Business Hosted UC services. By the time they come to market the current crop of ITSP (Hosted VoIP Providers) better have their marketshare shored up. The ITSP has to be really sticky to their clients.

Don't be like the ILEC's and not think that cable will be a threat. As Larry Lisser mentioned to me, If the market turns to pull, the brand names will win. In other words, if demand in the marketplace for Hosted UC picks up, the MSO's will be getting phone calls from businesses. "Hey, do you offer this hosted phone thingy, Mr. Cable Sales Guy that I haven't ever met? [pause] You do? Great I want some. there was a guy here today from some company trying to sell it to me." This will be your bigger companies who only buy brand names - AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, IBM. Because they never get fired buying from a brand even if they pay twice as much!

It's coming get ready.

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