It's the Content Stupid!

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It's the Content Stupid!

content-is-king1.jpgAt a networking event on Monday night in Tampa, I ran into an SEO guy, who proceeded to explain that Google search results (SERPs) would be all paid soon. He didn't know the difference between an SEO strategy and managing a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign. (The Cranky Bastards discuss this on this week's podcast - and I will be discussing SEO and Lead Gen with TMC's Anthony Graffeo Friday).

I tried to explain that organic SEO will always work - meaning content like crack will beat any paid campaign. If I have the best, most relevant content that is updated regularly, I win the SERP war. Page 1 Baby!

It's always about content.

As we head into conference season with the ITEXPO East 2011 in Miami Beach, attendees will be seeing a change in the content from panels. Instead of each panelist presenting, each panel will be a conversation with heavy audience participation.

This shift started with a blog post from Scott Stratten that centers around providing the audience with crack-like content (in other words, content that they get addicted to).  TMC has a long history of providing not just industry news, but various viewpoints and analysis from many contributors in the Industry about our Industry. In a 2.0 world of UGC (user-generated content), it was time to incorporate as much interaction with the audience as we can.  It should be interesting. Content is still King!

I organize BarCamp Tampa Bay which is an UN-conference for techies and creatives with no agenda. Each morning anyone that wants to present can sign up for a slot to do so. Passionate people make great presenters because they have an enthusiasm for the topic that they are talking about. I love that. (You'll see that from me if you watch my Net-Head talk on the CVX Expo at 3:15 on 2/3.)

Watch Thomas Howe or Rich Tehrani talk - passion baby. Gary Vee style. It's something to aspire to if you are sitting on a panel, because if you just want to read me your brochure or your slides, you are boring (and probably bored!). Tell me what excites you about your company, your industry or your services.

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