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Get Your Net-Head On


So at CVX @ITEXPO on Thursday, Feb. 3rd at 3:15 PM I will be presenting about the need for Net-Heads in the Channel again. (It was originally presented at CVX at ITEXPO East in LA in October of 2010.) The session is titled, "Crossing the Channel Chasm". Please come listen.

So you have some background on the Net-Head concept of mine, download this free e-book that collects all of my writings on this TMC blog and in Internet Telephony magazine in one quick, short read.

The Net-Head e-book by Peter Radizeski

I've been doing a lot of writing and speaking in the last 5 weeks, especially about Selling. The one point I am trying to emphasize is that you are NOT selling pipe. You are selling What Customers Do With That Pipe!

A couple of my clients have some cool Wireless Projects that they are working on. When I am brainstorming with them, it is always on What Are the Possibilities? With Wireless and IP they are boundless. The bundles and add-ons and value are too numerous. SIP trunking has a good amount of Upsell that most carriers and Agents miss or ignore. T1 has hardly any upsell. But that is why Cloud is so loud. Apps are all about What You Do With the Pipe, not the pipe. Net-Head thinking. Come listen!

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