Nine Minutes About SEO

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Nine Minutes About SEO

TMC's Rich Tehrani joins me for a short discussion about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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For me, the significant components of SEO are picking the right keyword (as Rich explains in the podcast) and great content that is kept current. An example of that would be a webpage with a headline (and proper URL) for a popular question like What is the difference between PAAS and IAAS? (The URL should be the headline, btw). Some people ask that in the search engines. It's highly relevant with keywords and hopefully a well written answer.

We didn't get into Lead Generation too much or landing pages or blogging or online marketing strategy or online-offline integration or even social CRM. But for the nine minutes we do explain that if your business wants help with Branding or Lead Gen, TMC's online communities can certainly be effective, as I have seen with clients who have used them.

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