ITEXPO Dinner Plans

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ITEXPO Dinner Plans

So last night was the dinner gathering where I invite everyone to come have a Dutch treat meal with some great conversation. Last night was no different. Maybe this show should be known as the end to end communications solution show because when you are here you meet everyone who touches the space.

End users looking for deployment and install answers. Maybe they need that one key answer to put a solution together.

Developers are here learning about what companies like Voxeo, ifbyphone and Twilio are doing. Startups are here for Larry Lissers Startup Camp today at 4 PM.

If you are a service provider, all the components are here. From the BSS (like GCS) to SBC (like Ingate) to hardware (like Dialogic) to add-ons (like Call Recording) to data centers to trunking carriers (like VoIP Innovations and Paetec - I rep both) to supply chain (like VoIP Supply) to product training (like B-Lynk) to marketing (like TMC with their online communities and lead generation programs).

The Channel is here with CVX Expo, where I will be speaking today at 3:15 on Net-Head.

Soup to nuts. Smart Grid. Wireless. M2M. So much more. (And the Miami Beach weather). Can't believe you're not here.

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