Level3 Channel Update

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Level3 Channel Update


Yesterday on its partner call, Level3 rolled out Level 3 Business Partner University. Most carriers that I have spoken with understand that educating the Channel is the key to revenue growth. "This training platform was designed to make these self-service modules easier to use with the information that you need to successfully sell Level 3 services - all at your own pace.

MPLS, SIP, Cloud, UC, Convergence - all of these changes are coming at VAR's and Agents at a time when they are still trying to survive the recent economic onslaught.

At the TCA, education is our main mission. Every month we have at least one peer to peer call to share, teach and learn. These calls are well received, which leads me to believe that Agents are looking for quality education opportunities.

Level3 is not the only carrier with a university program. Megapath has been doing MPLS University for a couple of years. Level3's will include modules around DIA & HSIP; TDM Voice; SIP Trunking; and MPLS VPN. Each module will have a test with a passing grade of 80%. This will be part of a soon to launch certificate program.  It will be interesting to see how that works.

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