Lessons from the Keynotes

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Lessons from the Keynotes

At the Service Provider Summit, there were a number of keynotes. Here are the lessons that I took away.

Corey Potts of VoIP Innovations spoke about Sales Management. It is a challenge to manage salespeople if there are not processes in place. That's an important fact. Having CRM is a priority, but ensuring that it is used properly is even more important.

Brian Whorthen, CEO of Mammoth Networks, advised that business owners not get entrenched in their technology. That means recognizing when a product line, service or technology (like dial-up) is end of life, accept it, and plan for what to do next. Flexibility is the key to survival -- and even success - especially at Internet Speed.

A perfect example of a company learning to fail fast often is EarthLink who was tied to dial-up, tried cable modem, DSL, cellular (as MVNO Helio), muni wi-fi, and now CLEC as a Managed IP Services Provider.

Donny Smith of Jaguar Communications is an interesting guy. His company owns fiber-to-the-home, cable operations and a fixed wireless system (including unlicensed and 2.5GHz licensed). Donny gave a great talk about the future; about how some things always change while some things remain the same. He started by talking about the three lessons he learned from his grandfather.

  1. You can't sell 19 cent service for 17 cents.
  2. You have to pay enough for something.
  3. You can learn a lot from horses. (Donny is a farmer.)
  4. Apply enough thought and you can come up with a solution.
  5. It's up to you what to harvest.

Okay. Donny gave us 5 lessons and a few laughs. It was a great show with 300 wireless providers, CLEC's and ISP's (right down I-4 from CTIA).

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