Birch is Scooping up AstroTel

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Birch is Scooping up AstroTel

AstroTel, a Sarasota, FL based CLEC,sued Verizon for anti-trust in March this year (2011). Apparently, this case is going as well as its management predicted, because AstroTel just announced:

"AstroTel has entered into a definitive agreement with Birch Communications, Inc for Birch to acquire AstroTel's operating assets, including our state-wide Florida network. You'll be receiving a formal announcement in the coming months from the two companies as we progress with regulatory approvals. .... Both companies are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our subscribers, and going forward you can count on the same level of professional, reliable service from Birch that you've come to expect from AstroTel."

As an agent for AstroTel, I have to wonder about my commissions. Also, have to wonder about the SmartFax service: will it continue? I guess I'll have to wait and see for answers in 2012.

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