Local CLEC Sues Verizon for Anti-Trust

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Local CLEC Sues Verizon for Anti-Trust

AstroTel, a local CLEC in Sarasota, FL, filed the complaint in federal court in the Middle District of Florida against Verizon Communications, Inc. and Verizon Florida, LLC for repeated violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, the Lanham Act, and the RICO Act.  The complaint was filed in the context of AstroTel’s Chapter 11 Reorganization which began four months earlier.  The reorganization itself is the result of ongoing contract disputes between AstroTel and Verizon Florida, LLC.

As I understand it, VZ repeatedly used CPNI information that by Federal law they are required to protect to market to AstroTel customers. The Duopoly as a whole does it. One MSO laughs about it and says, "If you don't like it build your own network." That may be good advice, except for Federal law and the reputation you get for being like that. Also, and its a big also, these companies make more money on wholesale but are too stupid to see it.

Good luck, Mike! I hope you win millions - although VZ CEO Ivan's pay last year was just over $18M, so you need to win $100M to even make a dent. Better yet, hold out for structural separation.

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