Poll: Cellphone Features

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Poll: Cellphone Features

Cellcos have a tendency to shut off features in phones that they don't appreciate. We would have more wi-fi phones now, but cellcos didn't want phones to go off-net. Now that they have mismanaged their 2G/2.5G/3G/HPSA networks, they are re-thinking that decision. (The iPhone helped).

VZW and AT&T - go figure, right? - have opted out of the Samsung-Dropbox global promotion of 50GB of free storage for two years.

Q1: If they subsidize the price of your phone, do you think the cellcos should be able to shut off features they don't like?

Q2: If you buy the phone at full price, should you get access to all the manufacturer's suggested features on the handset?

Turns out that prepaid is cheaper than a contract with a subsidized phone by several hundred dollars.

Let me know what you think (in the comments).

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