Snarky News Bits

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Snarky News Bits

Just so many things to comment on in telecom, but just do not have the time to hit each one. So here are some snarky news bits.

The VZW-SpectrumCo deal in for "tough remedy", Reuters is reporting. Yeah, conditions that will never be enforced. Public Knowledge is pounding on the FCC about Comcast caps, declaring that the caps violate the merger agreement with NBCU. Will any action occur? Probably not. The issue with the spectrum deal is the joint venture. "Anti-trust regulators have sought strict limits on controversial side deals." We'll see how that goes. I hear that VZW stores are already marketing cable deals.

VZW is also in the news because the FCC forced them to allow tethering apps on Android phones. VZW says that they never blocked apps or functions on any smartphones. CNET has a long FAQ about what the tethering settlement means to the end user.

Fake AT&T Bills Direct Users to Blackhole, Zeus.

How "Toggle" Worked Its Way Through AT&T's Innovation Pipeline And Into Cell Phones.

AT&T plunked down $650M for Nextwave Wireless - well, really for the spectrum, hoping that the FCC will allow its use for LTE despite its proximity to satellite spectrum. Didn't Lightsquared just go down this path?

Nashville is lucky enough to be the trail market for Comcast's metering plan. "Comcast Starts Billing Bandwidth Hogs, But Exempts Its Own VOD Apps". In other words, Netflix goes towards usage but not anything from Comcast servers. The pipe for on-demand is probably a separate channel. The meter is on the Internet pipe. Also, VOD is part of the TV service and is On-Net. Netflix is off-net. Why meter? Increase ARPU and save your TV franchise.

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