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News Items for Your Viewing Pleasure

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving break. Thanks for reading my stuff! I appreciate it. A bunch of news items for your consumption.

Good Technologies sues AirWatch and MobileIron over patent and marketing infringements.

8x8 scored a couple more patents.

Digital Rights Group Slams Verizon's Anti-Neutrality Argument: Verizon claims that open Internet/network neutrality rules violate its free speech rights! [I won't rant here. I won't.]

Cool video hangout with some of my pals talking about the New Service Providers - with Dave Michels, Alex Doyle, Larry Lisser and Brooks Robinson.

The Idea of Office is changing! "A new survey by Intelligent Office finds that people are choosing where they want to work rather than being assigned a standard work place location." [source]

What Obamacare Means for Small Employers in 2013. Nice set of charts about expectations.

Healthcare experienced more security breaches than any other industry in 2011! "More than 21 million patients have had their medical records exposed to hackers during the past three years alone." That is a lot of HIPAA violations! Physical records have the same security needs as electronic ones. More about HITECH from the Level3 blog and from the US Signal blog.

Telephony Partners follows tw telecom with electronic signature of contracts! It's a little strange for some customers, but e-sign is easier than printing, signing, scanning and emailing.

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