The US VoIP Report

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The US VoIP Report

I see a lot of reports about the telecom space. This one by E&Y sums up the industry in 2012: "Many established players are looking for new ways to cater to consumers and enterprises by buying capability in new areas." That accounts for not just a bunch of the M&A but also strategic partnerships taking place.

VoIP in the US: Market Research Report states that consumer VoIP is flat, but cable voice (VoIP) and cellular voice (also VoIP) are growth markets -- but both are primarily consumer. ??? IBISWorld looks at 860 companies in the VoIP space representing $15B in revenue in the US. Yet they list 873 MSO's in another report.

Forbes agrees that - despite the free offers from the likes of Skype and Google Voice - the VoIP industry in the US is a $15B business. How much of it is about Mobile though?

Everyone is impressed with IBISWorld stating "that the VoIP industry has experienced a 16.7% annual growth rate in the last five years." Umm, most of it is about POTS and TDM replacement. Have you tried to order a TDM PRI in the last 18 months? Almost all of it is SIP Trunking with PRI signaling at the customer premise from the IAD. BTW, that is NOT a PRI! Dynamic T1's, FiOS voice, cable digital voice, cellular voice -- all are VoIP, so to say that it grew less than 17% per year isn't that big of a deal. In addition, there has been a proliferation of VoIP players - like Vonage, Skype, MagicJack, etc.

Look at RebTel. All of the sudden they have 20M users and $80M in revenue.

It's the Hosted PBX and UC space that has dismal growth.

One reason is that the replacement stuff like SIP Trunking, cable and cellular just kind of happen. Replacement sales are easy. It's what the industry as a whole is trained to do.

But the move to UC or Hosted PBX is more than a replacement and requires what looks like work. Here's hoping 2013 is the year for Hosted PBX sales. I'd like that to have a 16% growth (and so would all the CCA VC's!)

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