Getting Rid of Copper

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Getting Rid of Copper

One way or another Verizon will get rid of the copper. After Storm Sandy, the Battery park central office was so damaged that VZ said they had to clip the copper. Too bad for anyone served by copper in the area. It affected CLEC's and customers.

In FiOS areas, DSL qualification is negative. If FiOS is available, you can't qualify (or order) the copper. ATT does something similar in U-Verse territories.

If the customer calls for support X number of times on a copper service, VZ declares the copper unfit. No one can use it after that. In some areas, like the beaches in West Florida, the copper is poor due to the elements, so no loop qualification on that copper either.

What does this do for not just DSL (which is a losing technology due to cable and FTTX), but to all the CLEC's trying to sell EoC?

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