So You Want an A Team

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So You Want an A Team

Lots of talk about hiring A Players. Companies have extensive lists of requirements now for every position - to the point that the candidate doesn't exist in real life.

Let's try to remember that many of the talents, skills and even positions available today did not exist even 7 years ago!

That said, you realize that to build an A Team, you have to become a coach and manager? Not a micro-manager. A coach and manager.

Your main job: Remove Obstacles.

Your second job: coach up your players for success. Give them to tools they need to get the job done - and get out of the way so they can do it.

"Three-star generals and admirals (and symphony conductors and sports coaches and police chiefs and fire chiefs) OBSESS about training. Why is it an almost dead certainty that in a random 30-minute interview you are unlikely to hear a CEO touch upon this topic? (I would hazard a guess that most CEOs see IT investments as a "strategic necessity," but see training expenses as "a necessary evil.")" - Tom Peters

It costs a fortune to acquire talent - even the pawns. Why waste it?

What I see time and again is the loss of deep domain knowledge due to wide employee purges. You can't replace that. It has a real cost - and a real effect on revenue.

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