The Master Model for Hardware

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The Master Model for Hardware

Microcorp and Tech Data. Ingram Micro and CenturyLink. Ingram and TWC.

CDW is the hardware distributor with a full service telecom agency. Tech Data comes close with its long standing deal with XO and its TDMobility that is a cellular master agency.

And now ScanSource has partnered up with Intelisys (a master agency).

This is one more program to get VARs selling network services for carriers, something that the carriers salivate over. So far, these partnerships have not been home runs.

The hardware distributors have a model that relies on co-marketing dollars. It also relies on a vast number of VARs to put SOME of their business through it. As we move to network services and especially cloud services, the hardware folks become stickier to the VARs. Will VARs use multiple master agencies or multiple VADs for network and cloud services like they do for hardware? I guess we will see.

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