2 Studies and Some Tidbits

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2 Studies and Some Tidbits

Metaswitch did a study on cloud + telcos + SMB and found that telcos may not be the trusted cloud providers that small business wants. "Existing phone providers overlooked for IP: Just 10 percent of pre-IP SMBs would even consider getting information about IP communications from their existing phone provider. Eighteen percent of 50-plus-employee SMBs would contact rival providers directly."

Another take on the Metaswitch survey demonstrates that the speed of a quote (and knowing what you are talking about) are factors to the sale.

Two interesting stats: "According to the latest snippet from Infonetics Research, the number of OTT VoIP subscribers is set to head near one billion by the end of 2013." And the second: "Myers added: "In 2012, the average revenue per user was a meager US$7.13 annually. Since this alone is an unsustainable business model, most providers are turning to advertising, third party apps and wholesale arrangements with traditional operators.""

A perspective on WebRTC for the next-gen of real time comms.

Pulver is back in comms with a new start-up: Zula. Maybe he will be pitching at Startup Camp Comms at ITEXPO in Vegas next month.

BTW, Woz is the keynote in Vegas at ITEXPO.

And since we are constantly in conference season now:


Stuff PR People Do that Bloggers Like Me Hate!

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