I Wonder Sometimes

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I Wonder Sometimes

Maybe my head is in the clouds here at Cloud Partner Conference, but I have been scratching my head about a few things this morning.

I wonder why AT&T Wholesale has a meeting room at an Agent show. I understand that ACC Business, an AT&T division, is moving to a buy rate model. I have heard something similar will be coming from TWC in Texas. Is the Agent Channel about to become a bunch of rebillers?

I wonder what a Cbeyond Authorized Reseller is?

EarthLink rolled out 4G Internet for the Home and Mobile. It's aimed at the residential market, while I thought EarthLink was pivoting to business (like 8x8 did 6 years ago).

Comcast has launched Hosted PBX nationwide to the channel. I wonder how much anxiety that gives the other Broadsoft providers.

I did a short video blog with Ira Feuerstein from Simple Signal this morning. Eat Your Dog Food.

I wonder why the Big Cheese didn't like his Cloudbeat article.

I really wonder how come it takes TWC a month to confirm an order for cable modems when the customer premise already has TWC service in it!!!

I wonder why it takes so much paperwork and dancing to sell a simple PRI from ATT.

I wonder why it isn't all simpler. I am certain the customers wonder the same thing. Why isn't it 1-click?

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