Mobile Device Management is Booming

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Mobile Device Management is Booming

A couple weeks ago a buddy called me to ask about a hot product that he heard was selling like hotcakes - MDM - mobile device management.

Apparently, MetTel is doing a bang up job selling MDM via a white-label arrangement from Airwatch.

MDM is trending for companies that are worried about controlling emails, documents, files and confidential information from flowing out of the company. MDM allows for security measures on smartphones, laptops, tablets and its users.

Telecom Brokers posted this video on their Facebook page to explain MDM: What are the Business Advantages of Cloud Based Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Airwatch had about 2000 12k customers before VMWare bought it in January for $1.54B.

"We clearly saw the puck was going to mobility," Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger said in an interview. "If we weren't in mobility, we weren't in the end-user computing infrastructure space." The puck is in mobility and BYOD.

Many service providers are white-labeling Airwatch, including Verizon Enterprise. It is really an enterprise play, especially for public companies. It's a nice way to bundle hosted Exchange, smartphones, and MDM.

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