A Quick Look at Telco Revenues

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A Quick Look at Telco Revenues

A short take on telco revenues including Earthlink, Windstream, Frontier, Verizon and AT&T.
Is it the price revenue squeeze on telecom? Or is it the revenue dip associated with cloud services that have a lower ARPU than TDM ARPU?

"Windstream revenues decreased 2.4% year over year to $1.466 Billion in the second quarter. Data center and managed services revenues, which total approximately $31 million, increased 20 percent from the same period a year ago." [source]

"Service revenues fell 27.7%, while Product revenues reduced 8% year over year. Decommissioning legacy circuits by wireless carriers, decline in switched access revenues, lower intrastate access rates, fewer minutes of use and other transport-related network grooming affected the second quarter performance." [source]

"During the second quarter, total access lines, which include voice lines, high-speed Internet and digital television customers, decreased 5.1% year over year to 3.21 million. On a year-over-year basis, voice lines dropped 6.3% while digital television customers witnessed a decline of 5%. High-speed Internet also fell 3.4%." [zacks]

"EarthLink CLEC revenue is in decline - 3.7% on business and 10% on consumer." [source]

AT&T - "Second-quarter consolidated revenues of $32.6 billion, up 1.6 percent versus the year-earlier period... More than 2 million new wireless and wireline high speed broadband connections added. .... Total U-verseĀ® revenues, including business, were up 24.8 percent year over year; now approaching a $15 billion annualized revenue stream." [source]

Verizon - "Net additions of wireless subscribers with contracts surged 53 percent to 1.4 million in the second quarter ended June 30. That included a record 1.15 million in tablet sales. ... The company said it added 100,000 FiOS video customers and 139,000 net new FiOS Internet connections in the quarter. ... Verizon's wireless revenue, which accounts for more than two-third of total revenue, rose 7.5 percent due to strong growth in service revenue. .... Average monthly revenue per account rose 4.7 percent to $159.73." [source]

VZ Churn is 1.3 versus AT&T churn of > 1%

FRONTIER - "Quarterly revenues of $1,147.3 million - down.... voice revenues fell 8.2% to $471.6 million while data and Internet services revenues inched up 1% to $462.7 million. Other revenues registered growth of 11.8% to $79 million. ... The number of residential customers was 2,762,100, while business subscribers totaled 264,200." [zacks]

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