News Tidbits Part 2916

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News Tidbits Part 2916

Some different things happening in the VoIP industry. Let's take a look.

Phonism has come out of beta with their VoIP end-point management system.

8x8 "announced it is offering an unprecedented Service Level Agreement (SLA) to qualified enterprise customers that guarantees the industry's highest levels of service availability and voice quality for calls transmitted over the public Internet..... 8x8's "Performance Assured" SLA is the first of its kind to guarantee end-to-end VoIP service uptime, reliability and call quality over any underlying broadband network the customer chooses." SLA over the public Internet??? But only for select enterprise customers (who will likely be on MPLS in most locations). The SLA is one way to get the Enterprise / Mid-market clientele.

Weird to see a phone vendor called, "Travel software specialist", "Vertical Systems will promote the latest version of its VoIP telephone system." [source]

Not sure these are new features:

  • Support for up to 16 SIP accounts
  • 10 programmable line keys
  • XML browser
  • Dual Gigabit ports with support for PoE
  • USB and RJ9 ports with EHS support
  • Bluetooth headset support with optional Bluetooth Dongle
  • Support for up to 6 expansion modules
  • SIP over TSL/SSL that's certified compatible with 3CX, Asterisk, and BroadSoft communication platforms

But Yealink is happy to have VoIP Supply distribute its SIP-T29G Gigabit VoIP Phone. I would think by now, the PR would be about new DECT cordless phones. At least, snom was pushing its DECT base station that can create a mesh network with other bases (the M9 model, which seems to be missing from the website.) VoIP Providers are not going to stop deploying Polycoms to save $15 per handset. What about Android models? Speakerphones?

Hover Networks, who Pitch + Pivot's Garrett Smith introduced me to at ITEXPO East, has an article in the BizJournal talking about the inflection point: keep buying or sell. It all comes down to price --- how cheap you can buy HPBX seats for or how much someone wants to give you for your seats.

Panasonic rolled out a new TDM-based, premise PBX!!!! You read that right.

Jive and Voxox seemed to have had a good time with one of their master agencies, ITD Solutions. (see pics on ITD blog).

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