Mobile Phones are Hyperlinks

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Mobile Phones are Hyperlinks

At SXSW, Biz Stone of twitter founding fame, made a comment "Mobile phones are hyperlinks of humanity." Hugh MacLeod expounded on that mobile phones are the new window to the hyper-connected world.

It is funny I read that today as the digital landscape is about to change. Google is changing its search algorithm for mobile. Sites get a higher ranking for being mobile ready. This will mess with so many sites. Mobile search is huge (for Google).

Google understands that "data is the new oil" as Hugh MacLeod says. Many other companies understand this as well - like Amazon and IBM.

It is a hyper-competitive world where any company can be knocked off its pedestal out of the blue by a startup. Jet and Boxed are chasing after Amazon (and WalMart-Sams-BJs).

One thing to remember in a Red Ocean: the pie isn't getting bigger, just more people are eating it.

Data - well, actually analytics of that data - can be the competitive advantage. Knowing who your customer is, where they hang out, and why they buy from you allows you to reduce sales costs.

While things are changing - as they always are - part of the world is holding on to the status quo as if their life depended on it. And part of the world is kite-surfing in that wind of change and making the most of it. Which are you?

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