Value-Driven Leadership

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Value-Driven Leadership

Is there a connection between culture, values and profit? In building a company that is built to last. I would concur with Jim Collins' research that there is a connection.

INC magazine through the Small Giants Community has started a 3-year research project with the Center for Values-Driven Leadership at Benedictine University to examine the connection between culture, values and profit. The Return on Values Project has a one-pager here.

The Return on Values Project says there are 6 keys for success.

  • Develop Leadership
  • Invest in Community
  • Take Care of Your People, they will take care of your customers - JW Marriott
  • Build/Maintain a Strong Culture
  • Inspire Passion
  • Drive Long-Term Profit

Out of the Small Giants event review, this paragraph kind of defines it for me. So many people have been in this industry circling around from logo to logo, Do they have any passion for the business left?

"One guest asked, "Why do you wake up and come to work?" If we live in a culture of choice, what is it about what we do that stems our purpose? This developed into a natural conversation about the balance of faith-based beliefs in business. As a group, we concluded that to run a successful business is to work with love. You must love what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. You must love your team and your clients alike, for one doesn't come without the other." [source]

It isn't even the musical chairs (and logos). Telecom companies are notorious for short sighted goals. Hard to get excited about those. Not certain how many of the national players have a culture people want to work with, but I have seen it at the regional level with TelePacific (long tenured staff); Hunt Telecom, Socket Networks, and Sonic.

Rackspace, Zappos and Netflix work hard to maintain the culture that made them special. Despite articles about the type of culture at work at Amazon, they seemed to have an embedded culture there as well. Of course, it takes leadership, training, hiring right and careful nurturing to maintain culture during growth. But if you want your employees to come to work for more than the paycheck, it might we worth taking a look.

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