Merger Tidbits (Part 2924)

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Merger Tidbits (Part 2924)

Sierra Wireless made those data cards that Sprint sold for laptops for 3G access. They still make Mi-Fi devices. Sierra is a Canadian firm that decided to buy a Tampa MVNO named Accel Networks for a managed connectivity offering. Accel has MVNO agreements with the Big 4 cellcos for 3G and 4G data access. Accel also has a patent-pending antenna. Sierra decided that being an MVNO and starting a channel were a good way to get things to pop in 2015. Sierra hired a Comcast channel manager to build its channel. We see how that works out in 2016. It is almost the same thing: sell cable modems = sell 4G backup with hardware. Almost.

TCN and GlobalConnect merged. Never heard of either company. Cloud somethingor other.

PGi, a publicly traded conferencing provider, was acquired by a fund management company, Siris Capital Group, LLC, for $1B <-- billion. Revenue in 2014 was $567M. Wainhouse suggests that the CITRIX spin-off of Grasshopper+Citrix's GoTo+OpenVoice would be worth about $600M.

Data center is hot. Now the UC&C space is heating up. It could be because there are no clear winners or dominant players yet. Certainly, West and NTT are big but they don't dominate. Neither does Vonage or any other UC company. There is plenty of room to consolidate and work towards domination.

Netwolves, a managed services provider, was acquired by a Health IT firm. "Vasomedical, Inc. today announced the acquisition of all assets of NetWolves, LLC and affiliates on May 29, 2015." [pr] I missed this one. Netwolves' "Fiscal 2013 and 2014 revenues were approximately $28 million and $30 million, respectively, and adjusted operating income was approximately $1.2 million and $1.4 million, respectively. Vasomedical completed the acquisition of all NetWolves assets on May 29, 2015, including all proprietary technology and intellectual properties, service provider and customer contracts, licenses, etc., for $18 million in cash and the assumption of certain liabilities, virtually all of which are operations related." That is a 14x multiple on income!!!!

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