TelePacific Rolling Out SD-WAN

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TelePacific Rolling Out SD-WAN

In this fourteen minute podcast with TelePacific's SVP of Marketing, Dave Zahn, talks with me about SD-WAN and how TelePacific is rolling it out. SD-WAN isn't a product. The deployment of SD-WAN by a carrier allows for service offerings around service delivery and managed services.

As SAAS and OTT (over-the-top) VoIP and video become ubiquitous in today's business environment, quality of service will become an issue. It will cause frustration and a hurdle to productivity. Ever been on the phone with a customer service rep who says they are waiting on the computer? It has happened often. SD-WAN incorporated into the network. It is a way to get visibility to the entire WAN, even outside of a carrier's network. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

If you can't see the flash mp3 player, you can go to SoundCloud to listen and download the podcast.

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