It is Nice that Acquires inContact

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It is Nice that Acquires inContact

Israeli software company Nice Systems said it would acquire inContact on Wednesday morning for about $940 million. Another Billion dollar deal in the UC&C space. (PGi got picked off by private equity for a billion late last year.)

inContact is a cloud contact center platform that is the partner for Siemens Enterprise Communications (which re-branded as Unify, later acquired by Atos for $400M). This is not a small company. They have done global 50K seat deployments. And that hard workhas paid off to the tune of $940 mill.

The omni-channel contact center has been leap frogged. This "acquisition marks the first time that one vendor offers both contact center cloud infrastructure as well as the full range of WFO (workforce optimization) applications and Analytics, providing a seamless integrated environment." [source]

"The Experience Center. Infusing Analytics into each and every element of the contact center allows organizations to re-invent customer service in new and intelligent ways, adapting their interactions in real-time to both employee persona and the understanding of customer intent across the omni-channel journey." It will be interesting to see if they can pull it off. The market is about 5000 customers - the Global 5000. Who else can afford it? Most companies are still outsourcing to foreign lands their call centers.

When I said there was consolidation still coming, I thought it would be more like yesterday's deal of FV-GoDaddy.

inContact was a big channel vendor. It will be interesting to see how that division plays out in the coming months.

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