Security is the Ugly Word

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Security is the Ugly Word

I have a client suffering in a DDoS attack for a week. This is not an unusual situation. I am working to provide a DDoS Mitigation solution.

Hacks and Ransonware are becoming common. The Enterprise CIO knows this. Security keeps him up at night. Finding the skill set for cyber-security is difficult. Finding the budget is even harder.

You would think that budget for security would be easy, but it isn't. The risk assessment is that they would rather risk the game of cat and mouse cyber-warfare.

At ChannelCon security is prevalent. So many vendors, so few partners jumping on that bandwagon. To sell it, you have to understand it - and the risks, the benefits and more.

You also have to pick a vendor or 2.That is a time commitment and a learning curve.

At some point, someone will sell a multi-vendor solution of managed security; deliver it well; and become known for it.

It isn't going to be a SKU off a VAD that someone just picks out of 5 quotes. Too many moving parts. Too many things that can go wrong that will ruin your relationship with the client.

It is just easier to keep trucking down your own road than to learn new services and how to sell them.

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